Melody Both boxes have excellent spec , the m8s has quad core , the rk8 has octa core , but would not bother me to much as octa core really only comes in to play with smartphones , what I look for is ram ,and rom both have 2gb ram and 8gb rom so really both are quite similar, not to sure about price difference, working on a box at the moment

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Meaning: Quad core processor means processor with 4 cores, whereas Octa core processor means processor with 8 cores. Main Understanding: Number of cores doesn't

Diferencias entre procesadores octa-core y quad-core | Bloygo Antes de Quad-Core Vs. Octa-Core, ¿qué es el procesador? prometía un performance superior al de los móviles Apple anteriores que cuentan con chips que  Intel® Core™ Processor Family Intel® Core™ processors specifications, benchmarks, features, Intel® approximately 2x graphics performance2, nearly 3x faster wireless speeds3 with Intel®  Single core vs Dual core Vs Quad Core vs. Hexa core Vs. Octa Do you know Single core, Dual core, Quad Core, Hexa core, Octa Core and Deca has the ability to do the job faster than dual-core and quad-core processors.

'In a nutshell', processors with higher number of cores are better at multi-tasking that The octa-core processor can get through this faster than the quad-core  Quad Core Vs Octa Core | AfterDawn Discussion Forums 23 Jun 2016 Hi friends If you have an Octa core box do you get better quality streams or is it just faster?? What is the main difference and is it worth it to The Differences between Dual Core and Quad Core Processors 12 Mar 2018 As for energy efficiency, because the Dual Core computer isn't working as hard as the Quad Core it should theoretically last longer.

Which one is better, Snapdragon, Qualcomm, or an octa-core Processor I see you're a beginner . Qualcomm is a Company which makes Processors . Snapdragon is their lineup name i.e. Snapdragon 835,650,625 etc. Similarly to Intel i3,5,7 What Are Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core & Octa Core Processors? As dual core processors are made up of 2 cores, quad core with 4 cores and hexa core with 6 cores, the octa core processors are made up of 8 completely independent cores to perform task very efficiently and even double faster than quad core processor. Which is better, Snapdragon Octa-Core or MediaTek Deca core? - Quora How is having an octa-core better than a quad-core? Which is the world's most powerful and fastest processor and S.o.C for smartphone? Which one is better, an octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, 64 bit processor or a quad core 801, 32 bit processor? Quad-core vs dual-core: what's the best for your laptop? | TechRadar

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What is Octa-Core? - XTRONS | Driving Entertainment The Octa-Core’s configuration utilises multiple processors, allowing it to pack twice the punch and offer improved handling of high resolution videos, games and navigation applications. By distributing tasks more efficiently between processors, Octa-Core is capable of handling twice the workload, providing a key advantage over Quad-Core. What Dual core, Quad core, Hexa core, Octa core & Deca core processor? Octa core processor: Eight different cores in a single processor to handle all the requests. Deca core processor: There will be ten different cores present in a single processor which handles all request. The higher number of cores is good for the gamers and users who do heavy multitasking. It will help to eliminate the hanging problems and the Are Deca-Core Processors Better Than Quad-Core and Octa-Core