As you also see that iTunes is not a reliable way to backup apps on iPhone because you need to have iTunes older version. Plus, it is quite time-consuming and tedious when it comes to restoring apps to iPhone via iTunes. Method 2: Backup Apps on iPhone Using iCloud. Another way on how to backup apps on iPhone is by using iCloud. Well, it is a

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Backing up your photos from iPhone to iCloud doesn't have to be hard. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to backup your photos from iPhone to iCloud in case don't lose. How to restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup Tap Restore from iCloud Backup. Sign in to your iCloud account. Proceed to Choose backup and then select the one you need from the list. Once you select the backup, you'll see a progress bar on your screen. The time it takes to your restore your data depends on how large your iCloud backup is and how fast your internet is. You'll want to make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection to restore quickly. How to Backup iPhone or iPad to iCloud - OS X Daily iCloud is the cloud data storage service from Apple, and iCloud backups are backups of your iPhone or iPad on remote servers hosted by Apple. All iCloud backups are encrypted and secured by default, and all iCloud backups are attached to the Apple ID in use with your Apple products. 2 Ways to Restore Specific App from iCloud Backup Restore Specific App from iCloud Backup with Help of iTunes. One way that you can do this is with iTunes. It's kind of a work-around, but here's how you do it: (1) Backup your device to iTunes. (2) Restore your last iCloud backup to your device, one where the app in question still had the data you wanted.

While automated iCloud Backups are easy to setup, they are not to be considered as a complete backup of your iPhone. Also, iCloud backups are limited to 5 GB of free iCloud storage space. If you need more space, you will have to sign-up for monthly iCloud storage plans. How to Restore One App from iCloud - iMyFone It is clear that one can easily restore one app from iCloud backup. We provided you the best solution for this. Moreover, we offer the guide on restoring a particular app from iTunes backup. We hope that after reading this article, you will find it easy to restore an individual app from both iCloud and iTunes backup. How to Backup iPhone to iCloud in Just 2 Minutes | MobiPicker So far, if you haven't enabled iCloud backup, you should consider enabling it now. And this post will teach you how to activate iPhone backup to iCloud in just 2 minutes. How to Backup iPhone to iCloud. If something goes wrong and you lose all data on iPhone, the iCloud backup can come to your rescue. iCloud backup can be accessed from [Tutorial] How to Backup iPhone 8 to iCloud - Mac DVD Ripper and iPhone It's probably prudent to backup iPhone to iCloud, but it's totally worthwhile in case your iphone was lost, stolen, severely damaged, or just went kaput. iPhone 8 is no exception, but how to backup iPhone 8 to iCloud? You gotta know in this article.

How to backup iPhone to iTunes? You can get simple guide to backup your iPhone data. Moreover, you can get iPhone backup alternative if your iPhone cannot be recognized by iTunes. iPhone App Data Backup Tool – 4 Simple Ways to Backup iPhone… iTunes 12.7 and later versions cannot backup iPhone apps data anymore. And iCloud might have not enough storage to save your apps data. You need to use FoneLab to backup iPhone apps data easily and safely. how to icloud backup Your iPhone's photos and data should always be backed up, and Apple's iCloud is the best way to do so. We'll show you how to enabl How To Backup Contacts On iPhone | Technobezz Here are the different ways in which you can learn how to backup contacts on iPhone without iTunes and with it, in Gmail and iCloud.

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Back up iPhone data with Google Drive - iPhone & iPad You can use Google Drive to back up content on your iPhone and iCloud Drive app. In the top left, tap Menu Menu . At the top, tap Settings and then Backup. 5 Methods to Backup and Restore iOS Devices - Syncios Backup iOS Device with iCloud the iCloud Drive to allow apps to store  How to Back Up and Restore Your iPhone | Oct 18, 2019 You can back up and restore your iPhone on your PC via iTunes, on a Mac with With iCloud, your backup isn't affected by computer problems, Using the Mac's Finder app, you can perform many of the tasks you used to do